I’ve been studying and practicing yoga and its philosophies since 1999. While I am a student first, I am happy to share what I've learned along the way. Some secrets to life I have learned are

Walk Softly on the Earth.

Be Kind.

Love One Another.



Join me and The Mas and The Babas for kirtan around the globe!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Maybe 2021?



From India with Love: Rishikesh

This collection reveals the experiences of a pilgrim moving through the space where sages and saints have lived for centuries. The vibrant tapestry of Rishikesh, India showcases moments of wonder and peace, friendship and guidance, celebration and acceptance. Jyoti Ma presents India through a series of photographs and vignettes unfolding the path of yoga.



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4 Seeds of Change

Four key ingredients to a healthy, balanced life is missing in most western cultures. We live in concrete jungles. We no longer create our homes, furniture, grow and cook our food. We eat artificial foods. We have artificial relationships, almost exclusively online only. And we have virtually no relationship with nature. 

We have removed ourselves so much from our humanness. It is no wonder that we suffer from anxiety, depression, disconnection, lack of loving kindness and compassion.

Time. When we had no post office, telephones, computers, cell phones, or video games, we still said we have no time. That's why we made things to make our lives "easier."


The question is, do you have the will to change your life?

Are you ready to be free?

Are you ready to heal?


  • Nature

    Heal your relationship with nature.

    Eat whole foods straight from nature.

    Walk barefoot through the grass.

    Hug a tree.

    Take a hike.

    Climb a mountain.

    Swim in the sea.

  • Community

    Find your connection with others. Deepen your relationships.

    Gather together in-person with friends, family, and your sangha.


    Hold space for those you meet and love.


    Learn about non-violent communication.

  • Art/Creation

    You are made to create. Rediscover that humaness inside of you.

    Sing a song.

    Dance wildly.

    Grow a garden.

    Cook your meals from scratch with care.

    Throw clay.

    Build a table.

    Play an instrument.

    Draw a picture.

  • Bhav

    Who am I?

    This is the most basic question of humankind. Once we ask this question, something in us is awakened.

    If we can move past our own fear, and pursue the answer to this question, we come into a journey into the self, into deep healing, connection to something more. Until we realize we were never separate from it. No one can tell you this. It is not something to be understood by the mind. It can only be understood by going within.

    Bhav: "Spiritual feeling or attitude; devotion; the religious attitude of immersing oneself in the thought of God. According to Swami Kriyananda, bhav has multiple levels of meaning. It is the way one views God, and also the way one views oneself in relation to God. One can view God as wisdom, as love, or as a particular deity. Each of these is a type of bhav." - Ananda.org

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